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Friendly work atmosphere in Cronimet, Ostrava


Every morning when Tomáš Borski goes to work there are not only colleagues waiting for him but also friends with whom he has experienced a great deal over the years. In this company 16 employees constitute a working team and they also support the operation of the branch office in Ostrava. Eight of them work in the warehouse and four in administration. All colleagues are able to substitute for each other, so that they really are versatile. Two sales managers, Chief Financial Officer and Lucie Milatová, the Company’s CEO also comprise the team.

CRONIMET transmutes stainless steel waste into precious material


CRONIMET is a worldwide specialist for stainless steel scrap, ferroalloys and primary metals. The company has been supplying raw materials for the stainless steel producing industry for nearly four decades. The focus lies on trade & sales, recycling and production & services. Over the years, over 60 subsidiaries and sales offices have been established around the world and CRONIMET has developed into the world leader in the purchase and recycling of stainless steel scrap. The CRONIMET Group exports almost 1.5 million tons of recyclable materials anually.