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Friendly work atmosphere in Cronimet, Ostrava


Every morning when Tomáš Borski goes to work there are not only colleagues waiting for him but also friends with whom he has experienced a great deal over the years. In this company 16 employees constitute a working team and they also support the operation of the branch office in Ostrava. Eight of them work in the warehouse and four in administration. All colleagues are able to substitute for each other, so that they really are versatile. Two sales managers, Chief Financial Officer and Lucie Milatová, the Company’s CEO also comprise the team.

Even serious accident did not weaken relationships and vice versa!

Two years ago, Tomáš Borski, the colleague from the warehouse, had a serious accident. The doctors doubted that Tomáš would ever walk again and, additionally, his right leg was amputated above his knee. No one expected that Tomáš would be able to work again in the warehouse under these circumstances. Tomáš’s colleagues did everything to get him back to work with his team of colleagues at Cronimet. Cronimet adapted the job position to the circumstances that allowed Tomáš to work on the weighing machine and to assist the Operation Manager. “We support each other and we are here for each other – as a family. This makes us strong!” says Lucie Milatová.

Ostrava’s location is strategic

Ostrava is strategically very conveniently located in the border triangle of the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. Cronimet established a joint venture with TSR Czech Republic in April 2010, thereby creating CRONIMET Ostrava s.r.o.

Invaluable support from the beginning

Lucie Milatová, who at that time worked for TSR in Prague, took over the management of the company and together with new colleagues she began to build a branch of Cronimet in Ostrava. From the outset she was supported by Michael Vogel, the then Managing Director of Cronimet Poland, as well as by three additional employees from the Polish branch, who were providing their assistance and their expertise.
In the summer of 2013, Cronimet eventually acquired all the shares of TSR and has since then become the company’s sole shareholder.

A great team provides great results!

Since the founding of the company the business has been doing very well. In the Czech Republic Cronimet recorded a turnover of approximately CZK 750 million in 2016 in comparison with CZK 22.8 million in 2010 when the company was established. However, Cronimet would not have achieved these successes if they had not also been supported by a cohesive team of colleagues who are currently doing their jobs with love and joy.