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CRONIMET Ostrava renovates the scrap yard in Ostrava


CRONIMET Ostrava has started with the planned general repairment of the scrap yard.

During the year 2021 a planned repairment of paved areas and modernization of internal networks incl. sewerage or transformer station will take place on our scrap yard in Ostrava.

The repairment will take place during full operation. In order to minimize the impact on the main operating activities, the implementation of this repairment, incl. related investments was divided into five stages. The machinery equipment will also be modernized this year. In addition to the purchase of a new excavator, the main investment in 2021 is a new baling press, which will significantly increase the capacity of the processed alloyed scrap. The aim of this investment is to ensure safe and modern operation with a higher capacity of processed metal scrap, which strictly complies with all requirements for environmental protection. The operation of our company will not be restricted.