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Our subsidiary is OPEN


Dear business partners, our subsidiary is OPEN. We implemented protective measures effective from 16.3.2020 to be able eliminate the risk of coronavirus spreading.

We appeal especially to drivers to comply with these rules:

1 When entering the TSR yard, the guard service will measure the temperature with a contactless thermometer, if the temperature will be higher than 37,50 °C; you will not be allowed enter TSR yard. Please call your supervisor immediately!

2 The main gate of CRONIMET is open only for truck entry and exit, otherwise it will be closed. All truck drivers have to stay in their vehicles during unloading and waiting times. Our employees will close the gate immediately after the truck will enter or exit our yard.

3 our employees are equipped with protective masks and gloves, please equip your driver with a protective mask and gloves, appeal to your employees to wear these protective equipment.

4 Try to keep the distances of at least 2 meters!

Thank you for following these guidelines.

Your CRONIMET team